Sun Yat Sen 150th Birth Anniversary

Exactly a hundred and fifty years ago, on 12 November 1866, Sun Yat Sen was born in Cuiheng, Guangdong. To mark the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the great revolutionary’s birth, the Sun Yat Sen Museum organized an event in his honour, as well as launch a new edition of the 2007 movie, Road to Dawn (or .).

Road to Dawn dramatises Dr Sun’s time in Penang in 1910, on the eve of the Xinhai Revolution. It was filmed entirely on location in Penang, and stars veteran Dr Sun actor Winston Chao as well as Malaysia’s homegrown superstar Lee Sin Chet.

From left: Museum director Khoo Salma Nasution; PRC Vice Consul-General to Malaysia Chu Kaiming; Khoo’s mother Linda Ch’ng.

The event was attended by the Chinese Vice Consul-General to Malaysia Chu Kaiming, amongst assorted luminaries and members of the press.


Honouring Dr Sun’s memory

The event was widely reported in local press.

"Museum marks Dr Sun's birthday with new DVD release"

The Star: “Museum marks Dr Sun’s birthday with new DVD release”

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Guang Ming Daily

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Kwong Wah Jit Poe


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