Road to Dawn Charity Premiere in Taipei – July 2010

Road to Dawn premiered in Taiwan on 22 July 2010 at the Dr. Sun Yat‐sen Memorial Hall in Taipei. The charity premiere was attended by an enthusiastic audience of over 2,000.


Left: Mr Vincent Siew officially launched Road To Dawn charity premiere in Taipei. Right: Celebrity movie star Fung Bo Bo at the event

In his officiating speech, Mr Vincent Siew said,

“This is the first time Road To Dawn is screened to the Taiwan public. It is historically meaningful. One hundred ago, when Dr. Sun Yat-sen arrived in Penang, Malaysia, he was filled with desparation and despair. He worked his way through the problems to find the dawn at the end of a dark night, and resurrect the revolutionary movement. This was a very important stage in the Revolution. Making good progress in Penang gave Dr. Sun Yat-sen the courage in the following year of 1911 to start an uprising for the tenth time. The sacrifice of seventy-two martyrs in the Canton Uprising then led to the fruitful Revolution which overthrew the Manchu government and built the first Republican nation in Asia. It is worthwhile for us to recall the great significance of this historical event. Road To Dawn was the first movie that brought the story of Dr. Sun Yat-sen in Penang to the big screen, recognizing the contributions of Malaysia and the Penang Chinese to China’s Canton Uprising.”

He also pointed out that this movie brought together actors and moviemakers from Taiwan, mainland China, Hong Kong and Malaysia to collaborate in its production. This represents the coming together of the Chinese diaspora, enlightening Chinese all over the world about Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s contributions to the Republic of China in 1911.

“Today, 100 years later, our Malaysian friends have carefully used the historic sites and the story of Sun Yat-sen’s Penang Conference to create this movie for everyone. I hope with this charity premiere at the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, the movie will later be shown to the rest of Taiwan. I believe this movie will bring us great courage, motivation and impact. I am very thankful to our Malaysian Penang Chinese team brought the movie here. I am delighted that such a fruitful result has come from this. At one glance the movie shows Penang’s and Malaysia’s multicultural society and natural scenery as a place which our Taiwanese — a country also with multicultural society — could learn from. I hope you can all go to Penang to look at its historical sights and the meeting place of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. I have been to Penang many times when I was Consul-General in the 1960s and I also went there with great respect in my heart to feel what our national father has done for us. This movie has already been screened in Japan for over 7 months. I declare today’s screening a great success!

Members of Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall also added:

“The screening was very successful as over 2,000 audience came, and after that, they responded enthusiastically about this movie. This movie has left them a great impression as it even moved many men to tears. And many people are hoping to see this movie be screened in other cinemas and universities in Taiwan.”


The screening received extensive coverage from mainland Chinese as well as Taiwanese media. The Road to Dawn premiere and surrounding events piqued the interest of Taiwan’s historians in the history of Dr. Sun and his followers in Malaysia.

Report in Oriental Daily, dated 20 July 2010.

Report in Oriental Daily, dated 20 July 2010.

Concurrently with the premiere, Sun Yat-sen Penang Base (now Sun Yat Sen Museum Penang) collaborated with a number of other organizations to stage two exhibitions on Malaysian culture and Sun Yat-sen’s time in Penang.


Supported by Republic of China Ministry of Education & Malaysian Friendship and Trade Centre.

Organised by Sun Yat-sen Penang Base, Penang Min Sin Seah and Taipei Dr. Sun Yat‐sen Memorial Hall.

Sponsored by Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) and Tourism Malaysia (Taipei Office), Pinang Peranakan Museum, China Airlines, Taiwan Activities Promotion Consultancy, China Shenzhen Movie Production Company and Pearl River Production Limited Company.