120 Lebuh Armenian, Georgetown Penang

Built around 1880 as a residential townhouse, the building is a very fine example of a Straits Settlements merchant’s home. Unusually long at over 130 feet (40 metres) it retains many of its original features – an intimate courtyard garden, a handsome timber staircase, geometric floor tiles, and large beams spanning lime plaster walls. The interior displays original blackwood Straits Chinese furniture and ornately carved wooden screens. The old-fashioned Nyonya kitchen preserves the original firewood stove and kitchen utensils.

Madam Tan Ean Siew, was the matriarch of the house from 1926 to 1993. She was the step-mother and local mother (huan-peng mak) of the house owner Ch’ng Teong Swee. Madam Tan was excellent in doing the Nyonya sweetmeats (Nyonya kueh). After moving to Armenian Street, she made wedding sweetmeats (kah-win kueh), exclusively for large wedding celebrations (tua kah-win); as she get older, she only made cakes for more modest occasions (siu kah-win).

The Nyonya pastry molds that used by Madam Tan Ean Siew in making the Nyonya pastries in her lifetime.








The Nyonya cooking pots (left) and Nyonya tiffin sets (right) in different sizes have used by during the living era of Ch’ng Teong Swee from 1926 to 1993 and continued keeping until nowadays.