Chinese Consul General of Penang, Wu Chun in Sun Yat Sen Museum Penang

During the second day of the Raya festival (18th July, 2015), the Chinese Consul General of Penang, Mr. Wu Chun had visited Sun Yat Sen Museum Penang with his team, which are Mr. Hu Yi, Mr. Chu Min, Mr. Li Delong and 白建文. The advisor of Sun Yat Sen Museum Penang, Ms. Lim Gaik Siang was the in-house guide for Mr.Wu Chun and his team.                                  

Ms. Lim Gaik Siang, the advisor of Sun Yat Sen Museum Penang (standing in the left) explained the history of the letters that were written by Dr.Sun Yat Sen to Mr.Wu Chun (standing in the right side).

Mr. Wu Chun (second from the right) had taken a picture with Ms. Lim Gaik Siang (second from the left) together with Mr. Hu Yi (first from right) as a memorial.

Before leaving, Mr. Wu Chun had put his signature in Sun Yat Sen Museum’s visitors book.