inxiu, shouted This kind of words ca.n no longer say here, or what is my Just look like a pair of guilty conscience, but also Jiaoren break and laugh. Cheng Yuli looked at the Jinxiu, smiled and said Jinxiu XI looks very good ah. Jinxiu now a decent suit, will be straight to show the body, looks very tall and straight. Hearing Yuri s praise Jinxiu some shy scratching his head, modest smile No, no, clothes a little Le panic, will be the waist of the fat folder up. Face helpless clip a section of fat, toward the crowd to show about. This is also everyone under the music, so really did not see how the black, Moreover, the other is still a big trend actor, but.not a trace of the image of the concerns, but rather like a funny artist. But the atmosphere was fully mobilized. Li Jingkui dissatisfaction with the interrupted, and then looked serious Jinxiu said Now into the topic, talk about your movie Forehead The The Three people suddenly speechless, although their own programs, but so the advertising is the first time to NCDA it exam see. Next to the Kim Jidong is dissatisfied with the beginning of black Li Jingkui. The two swords and tongues some, and finally the effort on the Network Appliance Certification mouth of the Kim Jidong won the victory. Victory of the gold Jidong proud of NCDA the cock like to win the general, elong.ated neck valiant patrol circle, sent shouting that se

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
NS0-157 NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA) Network Appliance NCDA