, even if the immortal are difficult to match. But when she saw Liu Zhengyu s eyes, so she can not refuse. Well, you wait for this, and I ll send you to the under.world. No, I am one to go. Liu Zhengyu said more firmly. the host. Little Lord. Magento Certified Developer War wolf and Magento Certification hidden snow almost at the same time said. Underworld, but dangerous, I do not want to see you follow me suffer, or Magento Certified Developer it exam even go back. You put my war wolf as someone, and die for the master, I have no complaints. Yes, since the master told me and the snow to follow you, for the less master, we have long been placed outside life and death. If you do not take us to go, I am afraid we will not be safe for a lifetime. Snow Road. Looked at these loyal to their friends, Liu Zhengyu heart extremely grateful, but my heart really want a person to go, I am afraid that some seem. Well, we are here in the rest of the night, tomorrow morning to the underworld. Liu Zhengyu standing.on the ice and snow days of the valley, looking to heaven immediately said Heaven injustice, I will break this day. Bai Yu fairy looked at Liu Zhengyu firm, looking at his side of his loyalty to him, to death, and my heart was passing a trace of moving. This to you, this is

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