nts suddenly burst up, taking advantage of the group of people walking away the greedy gang jumped up , Holding the still sleeping Jiang Yanhui and another female students went to the direction of the cave. Hey Why did you go CCNA Collaboration Jiang Yanhui was shocked by his move, exclaimed loudly, another female student is its sudden vigorously to the ground, screaming, unable to stand stand up. Jiang Yanhui this voice is extremely loud, so that all the presence of people are awakened, fire leopard and greedy wolf the fastest, pulling their own team of three steps and do two steps.to Jiang Yanhui three people in front. Fire Leopard also have two wolves together, will run to the cave of CCNA Collaboration it exam the students to stop down, then Jiang Yanhui also immediately keep up, the three tightly caught the students. The classmate named Wang Ende, it is not a class and Jiang Yanhui, but rather than Wang Haidong in Cisco Certification the outdoor survival Association members inside, this time is Wang Haidong call invited to. I saw the Wang Ende eyes opened slightly, hands and feet struggling to make a

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
210-060 Implementing Cisco Collaboration Devices (CICD) Cisco CCNA Collaboration
210-065 Implementing Cisco Video Network Devices (CIVND) Cisco CCNA Collaboration